SUSE purchase of Rancher releases new powers of innovation

Open-source enterprise software giant SUSE’s purchase of Kubernetes management startup Rancher Labs opens up new situs slot online.

The acquisition puts SUSE in a better position to take on rival IBM’s Red Hat in the fast-growing Kubernetes market, and will likely help SUSE on its way towards its goal of doubling its revenue by 2023.

Originating in Germany, SUSE is the maker of one of the industry’s most widely used enterprise distributions of Linux. The SUSE Linux distribution runs in enterprise public cloud deployments, in private data centres and on edge systems. In addition, SUSE also sells products higher up the stack, such as container management tooling.

“Our customers have made it clear they want powerful technology that is both leading-edge and reliable to accelerate business transformation,” SUSE CEO Melissa Di Donato said in a statement.

“We have historically delivered innovative solutions that anticipate what enterprises need, and today with Rancher, we are set to make history again. With our powerful and modular approach to open-source software, our customers can count on reliability and unmatched agility to innovate everywhere – from the data centre, to the cloud, to the edge and beyond.”

Rancher Labs has created a platform that makes it easier for companies to set up and manage large Kubernetes environments. Kubernetes is open-source software used to manage large numbers of containers, which host the components of modern software applications. Rancher makes its money by providing professional services and support to enterprises and claims that its platform is used by more than 30,000 engineering teams worldwide to power their Kubernetes container deployments, reported Silicon Angle.